Family Photos at the Great Swamp

Late fall in NJ can be a great time to shoot outdoor.  On this day we had some nice cloudy weather that most photographers love.

NJ Family Portraits - Great Swamp

With some research, I found a location within the Great Swamp that worked great for Nick & Nirali's family shoot.  We had this cute family walk a bit and huddle in for a few poses.

NJ Family Portraits - Great Swamp

A few images I liked from a little more walking around the grounds.

NJ Family Portraits - Great Swamp

Some individual shots of the kids.  The older children were a little more willing to step out on their own.  For the youngest, mama had to tag along for that shot.

NJ Family Portraits - Great Swamp

Amanda + James

Even though this wedding was last August, its still pretty clear in my mind.  This couple was probably the most casual about rules and tradition that I've seen in my time shooting weddings.  They weren't concerned about hanging out together when getting ready for the day.  They were however concerned about having friends and family around to share in their day. 

Amanda and James had fun.  All day.  They also showed such sincere engagement toward each other.  Starting with some hair and make-up, we shot in a small hotel room with lots of activit.  This was a favorite of mine.  A little set-up but you'd never know - oops, I guess I just spilled it.


I also love grabbing details of things that are around the room like a shot of the bags on the couch.


All love on this face as she stared at her soon to be husband during the ceremony...


There were also some pretty cute little ones on the dance floor later that night...


This last one here was at the end of the night with them going strong...


Nyla @ 9 Months - With Friends

So, for the 9-month photo shoot with Nyla, we mixed it up a little and brought in some friends.  Suman (or Nyla's mom as she'll more often be referred to now) arranged for some kids from the same building they live in to join in some picture taking fun.

We started with some of just the immediate family (nice Valentine theme this time)...


And finished with three girls that play together on most days...


By the way, I loved this one for all the different things going on in the image.  The expressions and moment captured is why I love photography.  Looking forward to the 1st Birthday in April.