Central Park Senior Portraits: Ally & Katlynn

A couple months ago, I received an inquiry from Kim, Ally's mom to shoot a senior portrait session for her daughter while they visited NYC from Kentucky.  Ally was bringing a friend so we arranged to shoot with both of them.  Ally & Katlynn will be seniors in high school in the coming year and were taking a summer trip together.  

I scouted out a few locations, hired a trusted MUA (thanks Nicole), set a time to meet at 72nd Street & Central Park West and we're off.   Since Katlynn was ready first, we shot a few images a short walk from where we met.  Here are a few of my favorites... 

Darrin Estep Photography | senior portraits

Next up was Ally. There are so many great places to shoot in Central Park and one of my favorites is  Bethesda Fountain.  There's an amazing set of stairs and some world famous arches that I really enjoying reinterpreting each time I shoot there.  We happen to find a musician playing which made it even more fun to shoot.

Darrin Estep Photography | senior portraits

A quick step to the outside the arches and we're in front of the fountain.

A few more with outfit #2...

Darrin Estep Photography | senior portraits

Switching back to Katlynn, she also had an outfit change and we stumbled upon a "bubble guy" (I'm sure he's got a more official title but I'm not aware of it) so we had a little fun with that.

Darrin Estep Photograpy | senior portraits
Darrin Estep Photograpy | senior portraits

Of course we had the bubble guy work his magic for both of them...

Darrin Estep Photograpy | senior portraits
Darrin Estep Photograpy | senior portraits

Finishing with a few more showing some of the cabs passing by.  I enjoyed the time with these girls and hope they had a memorable journey for their trip to NYC this summer.

Urban Tour

Ralph reached out to me through Facebook and asked if I could help him put together a set of images that would look different than other classmates with a city setting.  I've recently become more familiar with SOHO and opted for that area to shoot in.  As it turns out, it fits well with Ralph's other interest which is fashion. He has a blog that he keeps on the subject. 

We started with a colorful setting in front of a door and wall that has graffiti and some kind of paper mâché. 


To add to the NYC feel, I had him head down the subway stairs and then stop for a break in the Vive la crepe for something to drink. 


We finished with a stroll down the cobble stone street and then to some more formal shots.


Thanks Ralph for letting me show you around SOHO.  We definitely captured the urban vibe of NYC.