Darrin's Bio

Born and raised on the west coast.  I migrated to NY to follow a dream of living and working in NYC.  I'm a creative individual and get a thrill from collaborating with others to help articulate their vision in a visual form. 

Here are 3 quick facts about me: 

  1. I strive to follow a "Do It Now" principal which basically says, when something lands on my plate, Do It Now!  Don't put it off for another day.  When your project is in my queue, I'm doing it now.
  2. I'm a gadget geek and a lover of clean, simple design. It matters to me when a product is designed with a focus on the end-user.  You'll see this come through in my photography as well with a focus on the subject instead of the surrounding elements.
  3. I speak your language.  Well, maybe not literally but what I mean here is that I'm comfortable in a variety of situations which is important as a photographer.  I'm mobile and when I come to your environment, I adapt quickly and make myself at home whether its a very formal or casual setting.

Its important to create a partnership with my client whether its a simple headshot or a complex story involving video and complicated messaging.  When you hire me, you get my full attention, experience, and a commitment to exceed expectations!  Read my reviews to see what others are saying about my work.

Call: 917-478-5342