Bottle & Bottega Corporate Event

What’s not to enjoy about events where people are getting together and having fun?  I’ve done a few events now for Bottle & Bottega and its always a great time!  Its interesting how there’s consistently trepodation as people enter the room (especially for corporate events since they are sometimes not told what their activity is until they arrive) and fears are quickly alleviated as the activity is explained by Rupa and her team.  

north jersey professional event photography

There’s lots of preparation that goes into planning the event.  Here are some shots of the preparation in progress.

north jersey professional event photography

The painting instruction begins and everyone seems to be enjoying themselves.

north jersey professional event photography

Rupa, the owner of the North Jersey Bottle & Bottega pulls double-duty this time and is teaching in addition to overseeing the event.

north jersey professional event photography

There were about 50 people at this event.  Here are a few taken while “working” on their art.

north jersey professional event photography

Each of the three tables gathered to present their final masterpiece.  I’m sure they’ll be hung throughout the offices shortly.

north jersey professional event photography

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Special thanks to: 
Tanya @ the Basking Ridge Country Club
Rupa and her team 

MediaMath Corporate Shoot

Ah, the corporate shoot.  MediaMath has a pretty large room that we were able to use for this shoot that was scheduled on one particular day.  Each person had your standard, classic headshot (as shown below) and then we also did one "with a prop".  Those were fun.  Some were into it and some weren't.  They were funny nonetheless.

Below are a few of the 150+ images I took over multiple days and multiple locations. 


This now makes the third shoot done for MediaMath.  See more images from a recent event called The Future Series and a few months back the 5th Birthday Party.

Amanda + James

Even though this wedding was last August, its still pretty clear in my mind.  This couple was probably the most casual about rules and tradition that I've seen in my time shooting weddings.  They weren't concerned about hanging out together when getting ready for the day.  They were however concerned about having friends and family around to share in their day. 

Amanda and James had fun.  All day.  They also showed such sincere engagement toward each other.  Starting with some hair and make-up, we shot in a small hotel room with lots of activit.  This was a favorite of mine.  A little set-up but you'd never know - oops, I guess I just spilled it.


I also love grabbing details of things that are around the room like a shot of the bags on the couch.


All love on this face as she stared at her soon to be husband during the ceremony...


There were also some pretty cute little ones on the dance floor later that night...


This last one here was at the end of the night with them going strong...