Laundrylux washing machines at Queens Laundromat

I was recently hired to photograph a laundromat in Queens to help support the manufacturers, Laundrylux marketing effort for both current and future laundromat owners.  I was connected with the owner of this location and we agreed on a date to shoot.

On the night before the shoot, it was raining...hard. The next morning, no change.  Fortunately, there were only a few shots I needed outside. 

Laundrylux laundromat in Queens NY

There was a brief reprieve from the rain so I took advantage to get shots of the exterior.  The location is on a pretty busy street relatively close to the LGA airport.  Once back inside, I knew the key to this shoot was to get the color right.  When fluorescent lights are used, they throw off a green cast that isn't terribly visible until you compare it to other light.  So for each of the locations in the store, I would reset my white balance on the camera using a card to ensure I was capturing an accurate, balanced color from each section of the store. 

Laundrylux laundromat in Queens NY

This shoot went well and the people involved in the shoot were great to work with.  I definitely look forward to shooting additional locations with this group.

Jennifer + Conor

Earlier this month I second shot a wedding with my friend Gary.  Fun couple.  I met Gary at his place and we drove up to the Grandview Hotel.  We shot a bit with Jennifer and her family then off to the church and reception.  Below are a few of my favorites: 

One girl missed when I said, "look at me" :-)

One girl missed when I said, "look at me" :-)

The start of a version of the Harlem Shake

The start of a version of the Harlem Shake

First Dance

First Dance

Jennifer and her father

Jennifer and her father

Notice the range of emotions on the faces of the girls as the bouquet falls.

Notice the range of emotions on the faces of the girls as the bouquet falls.

Bride's reaction to Gary's surprise gift at the end of the night

Bride's reaction to Gary's surprise gift at the end of the night

Melissa + Michael

Each wedding is a little different.  Different cultures, different family dynamics, some traditional, some not, some very long and others relatively short.  One thing that’s true every time is that this is one of the most important days in this couple’s lives.  It also seems consistent that if the bride and/or groom was nervous in the minutes leading up to the ceremony, most let go and have fun once they seal it with a kiss. 


Michael is like many grooms that I’ve recently met.  On the outside anyway, he seems pretty easygoing and just happy to have friends and family close when he makes his commitment official to his bride-to be.  The preparations for the groom are such a contrast to the bride’s.  There is no make-up artist, nobody getting their hair done and usually takes all of 20 minutes for the entire set of groomsmen to go from casual to fully dressed.  When I cover this part of the day, most of the images are taken in the last few minutes before the limo arrives.


Melissa, on the other hand, had a way of communicating how she felt through her facial expressions.  I put together this series of six images that span a five-minute period while the toasts were being given.  I have to admit that I don’t know Melissa that well, but I’m pretty sure you would always know where you stand with her, good or bad.

This doesn’t happen at every wedding, but sometimes the couple will make an extra effort to add something unique to the event.  For Melissa and Michael, they had a special fire truck (since he’s a volunteer firefighter) and a car that reminded me of the Dukes of Hazard for their getaway.  


Best wishes to both of you.  So glad I could be a part of your day.

Deepa's Bridal Shower

This past weekend I was invited to shoot a surprise bridal shower.  The sister of the bride to be, Anju, asked me to capture this special occasion in celebrating her sister's upcoming wedding.

Anju told us the arrangement was that her sister, Deepa, was going to stop for ice cream and to call Anju with some ice cream flavor choices.  This gave the group enough time to wander across the street for the "surprise".

The decorating around the backyard was fabulous!  There were some very clear themes in place, many of which had some wonderful stories behind them.  For example, the Chanel No. 5 was their grandmother's perfume that she always wore.  She recently passed, and there was a great tribute that their grandfather made.

The girls with their grandfather...

Many friends and family gathered to share stories, eat, drink, play games and ultimately celebrate the relationship they have with Deepa.  

More friends and family...

Here are a couple more details and a decorated umbrella for Deepa.


and don't forget the cake...

Congrats, Deepa & Anuj!


Kate & Jeremy's Wedding

Kate & Jeremy are the type of couple you hope you come across at some point in your life. They have so much going for them: friends all around, family that clearly loves them, and what you see from them is giving that love right back. I had the pleasure of photographing their wedding on June 2 in Sayville, Long Island at the Land's End Resort.

The day started at Kate's parents' home. Here are a few moments with Kate, her sisters and friends getting ready for their big day. 
At Land's End, a small crowd gathered for the excitement of the first look between Kate & Jeremy.

Next up were some formals.  These are a few of my favorites. 

Vivian, the flower girl, chatted about her new dress and stopped long enough to smell the roses.

Food was served and the ceremony began, officiated by Jeremy's step-father.

Some of the details from the day...

It's always more fun when couple's aren't too conservative with this tradition.  They had fun with it!

Father-daughter and Mother-son dances
Some jumpin', dancing... and boom, the night was over!
Thanks again, Kate & Jeremy. I really enjoyed spending the evening with you, and capturing your special day. Also, a big thanks to David Grogan who was such a help, all-around second shooting and assisting with lights throughout the night.  For the full set of images, you can visit this page.


Hair/Make-up: Michael's Place
Second Shooter: David Grogan