Deepa's Bridal Shower

This past weekend I was invited to shoot a surprise bridal shower.  The sister of the bride to be, Anju, asked me to capture this special occasion in celebrating her sister's upcoming wedding.

Anju told us the arrangement was that her sister, Deepa, was going to stop for ice cream and to call Anju with some ice cream flavor choices.  This gave the group enough time to wander across the street for the "surprise".

The decorating around the backyard was fabulous!  There were some very clear themes in place, many of which had some wonderful stories behind them.  For example, the Chanel No. 5 was their grandmother's perfume that she always wore.  She recently passed, and there was a great tribute that their grandfather made.

The girls with their grandfather...

Many friends and family gathered to share stories, eat, drink, play games and ultimately celebrate the relationship they have with Deepa.  

More friends and family...

Here are a couple more details and a decorated umbrella for Deepa.


and don't forget the cake...

Congrats, Deepa & Anuj!