Varley Headshots

Repeat clients are the best!  Steve and Christine wanted some updated headshots for their  professional profiles.  I haven’t seen them much since I shot their wedding back in May.  I arrived at their house and turned their living room into a little studio with backdrop, lights, and all the fixin's.

We started with one light for Steve and that seemed to work pretty well.  This was the first time I was shooting with this black backdrop and I really like how it keeps the focus on the subject.  These are my favorites of Steve.


For Christine, I added a second light, otherwise it was pretty much the same setup.  Steve was behind the scenes keeping Christine smiling.  These are the ones I liked best for Christine.  There’s something about the middle-left image that I really connected with.  There’s a real strength that comes through in the expression.


As I was about to leave I asked if they wanted a few together.  Nice!