The Three Doctors: Raising Hope & Health

Earlier this year, I was connected with an organization called The Three Doctors Foundation.  They were holding an annual fund raiser with a theme of "Raising Hope & Health".  I was hired to shoot a video that showcased the event and something they could use to promote their organization.

My initial contact was with Windy White and she was very helpful and informative throughout the process.  This was held at the Hyatt Hotel in New Brunswick NJ and featured Pat Battle (NBC News) as the emcee for the event along with Rose Rock (mother of Chris Rock) and Sherri Shepherd as honoree’s that evening.

I approached this project with storytelling in mind.  Using a technique I learned from Stillmotion, I researched the organization and learned as much as I could without having much direct access to the individuals I'd meet that evening.  I derived the following keywords for the event: perseverance, inspirational, community, mentorship, health.

With the keywording done, I began to shape how I would cover the event.  There was a cocktail hour and then presentations.  Fortunately, I was able to interview the three doctors individually along with scholarship winners from various universities.  These proved to be invaluable.  Ultimately, I created two versions of the material.  A short version (see below - and an extended version (coming soon) showing more of the material from the presentations.

Big thanks to Steve Kang and helping cover this event with me.