My Commute is like a Scrum Project

I like to draw parallels between different things sometimes just for fun. I have a new commute now and it got me thinking that I can see a lot similarities between my commute and running a Scrum project. Check out this link for a longer explanation but it's essentially a way of approaching problems (like with software development) in an iterative way where you have short blocks of time to deliver something and after each time boxed iteration you think about what you could do better next time to improve.

In my commute I'm bound by very specific timelines. I have a train to catch and things to get done at work so every minute counts. So here's how I think of it. See if you see the similarities....

My requirement or "story" would read something like, "As a commuter, I want to make my train each day with minimal delay so that I can accurately predict my arrival time and maximize my work time." Some tasks that might fall under this story are things like:
- research paths from train to office
- research paths from office to train (can't assume they'll be the same)
- understand average elevator time on the office building during rush hour times
- know range of walking times during different weather
- know the time table for the train from NYC to Hoboken which is my connection to the NJ commuter train home (how long and when does it leave) get the idea

I've done this commute for a few weeks now and it sounds like a lot to think about...and it is, at first, but you get to know all the variables pretty quickly and once the process is repeatable an predictable, you're on your way to being successful. Got to make something like commuting challenging and fun!