People Watching: How People Take Picture

Something that might turn into a series here on the blog, since I now have access to LOTS of great people watching, is various takes on things I see each day on my commute.  First up is my observation of how others (mostly tourist) take pictures in NYC.  As you'll notice from my collage below is that there are a variety of ways people approach the basic snap shot.  Some get in what seem to be very uncomfortable positions.  Some focus the lens with their hand from the top, others from the bottom.  Some try to emulate the expression they're hoping to get from their subject (like a smile) others don't appear to have their eyes open.  Some count down with their fingers.  Some hide behind objects.  The collage shows a pretty diverse selection of tourists.  Old and young and people from all over the world.  That's NYC for ya.

One interesting fact behind this mini project image is that I probably spent more time putting this image together than it took to take all these pictures.  I took these on two separate days and probably spent 10 minutes on each day snapping away.  There are lots of tourist to choose from and what I found fun and interesting at the same time is that people are so focused on the picture they're taking they hardly paid attention at all to the fact that I was taking a picture of them taking pictures.  :-)