A Brand New Year

I'm not going to start with a bunch of promises of things I know I'll never get around to.  As I get older, I'm coming to the realization of a couple things: 1) I'm a believer in 'You always have time for what you do first' and 2) There's limited time so you have to make the best of everything you choose to spend time on.

Something I choose to spend my limited available time on are things that are photography related.  I'm trying to grow my business and figure out some goals for 2011 since I'm a goal oriented person.  Without goals, I wouldn't have much to show for my time.  One long standing aspiration is to shoot weddings. I'm finding it hard to set this up.  Its kind of the chicken and the egg - people want experience but without someone taking a chance, I can't get experience.  I have something setup for this May as a second shooter which I'm really excited about and I'm actively working on other assignments.  I'm keeping positive and I'm determined to make it happen this year!

One step in making this a reality is gear.  I know, many talk about the fact that its not about the gear.  For the most part I agree but with weddings I think its a bit different because of the conditions you're often shooting in (low light and other tricky situations). So, right before the holidays, I won an eBay auction for a new camera.  A HUGE upgrade for me as I was starting out with the Nikon D40, the entry level DSLR.  A great camera to learn on and I've taken a lot of pictures I'm very proud of.  However, now its time to kick it up a bit.  I'm now the proud owner of the Nikon D700. Huge upgrade.  Its like going from a Honda Civic to 5 Series BMW.  With that, a few random "test images".  Keyword is random.

Oh, small detail left out.  When I bought the camera, I only bought body.  No, not an oversight.  It just works out better in the long run if you can purchase each piece separately to put together the whole collection of bodies and lenses.  Ugh!  Fortunately, I have one lens that will work between each of my cameras; the 50mm 1.4.  Many more images to come - real ones next time.