Photography Assignments: Vision Statement

Since I don't shoot full-time, I sometimes look for activities to keep me challenged and thinking about photography.  'Round about the 1st week of January, I discovered a blog that I follow pretty regularly was going to setup 52 assignments throughout the year.  Sweet.  Its mostly focused around commercial photography but has elements from various disciplines.  Mostly, its a way to challenge and inspire me all year.  The assignments are posted to a flickr group giving me the chance to see what others have posted and after a few of these, have some new and hopefully interesting work to show.  So, each time I finish an assignment, I'll write about it.

First assignment: Writing a vision statement and creating an image that represents that vision.

My first thought was to take a picture of the front of an A4 with the Xenon headlights with LED daytime running lights and my vision statement would be something about intrigue and mystery.  Scrapped that.  Second idea was to get the slightly opened laptop, showing the Apple symbol; still thinking along the lines of having something very sleek, simple imagery the vision would focus on imagery that invokes certain emotions (good or bad) when you see it.  Killed that idea too.  After thinking about it more, it was just too impersonal.  My photos are about people.  About emotion.  About capturing that point in time that will never be again.  That was it.  Once I had that, I knew what I needed to shoot and how my vision would read.

Here's what I posted...

Vision Statement

I want to create images that capture that moment in time that's just that...a moment, "frozen in time". What you keep in your own mind may fade, the image remains.