A gift

There aren't too many people I put gifts together for but there aren't too many people like Suman & Rishi.  They are just good people.  It helps that they're smart, good looking, well traveled and have a fantastic set of friends and family in their lives.  They just celebrated their one year anniversary and while they were away in India and who knows how many other places, I put together a little something to recognize their anniversary (late, but hey - better late than never, right!?).  A quick internet search revealed some nice wodden boxes but there were too many to choose from and I know them pretty well but didn't know their taste exactly so I turned to a mutual friend of Suman's that could help narrow down the choices.  The next day I had a response and I was set to place my order.

I received the box and now came the fun....customizing for them.  Since I photographed their engagement and parts of their wedding, I had some fun images to work with.  I looked through what I had and printed several of them.  My wife suggested I make a photo collage so once I had everything in front of me, I used some funky sissors to cut the photos and made the collage.  I think it turned out pretty well.  Here are a few images of the packaging and the collage.  To make it interesting I plan on hand delivering the package to them.  Its fun to give!