Portrait of an Entrepreneur: Drones of all sizes

Something I thoroughly enjoy is engaging with and learning from clients.  Jeremy has just started a business called Silicon Flight Academy and their goal is to train kids how to fly multicopters responsibly.  He’s in the process of partnering with some schools in the NJ area as a part of the STEM program.

We had a couple of goals for this shoot.  First, Jeremy wanted some updated profile images to use on LinkedIn.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Portrait - Darrin Estep Photography

Next, we wanted to feature some images that show a little of what some of the multicopters (drones) look like.  We wanted to show some really small ones and some that are a little larger.  In addition, he had some FPV gear (headset) to help demonstrate what it would look like to be in an open space piloting a drone.  He's knowledgable and passionate about this subject and I plan on taking advantage of his proximity to me to learn more as I also explore what its like to fly drones.

Lifestyle Images - Darrin Estep Photography

I look forward to our next meet-up.