Lux on the Highline

So you know when you have certain expectations about something.  You're all excited and anticipating how it'll look and feel.  I had all those kind of thoughts going into this shoot on The Highline.  Turns out, it wasn't what I expected; in a good way.  There were some set-up's I thought would work one way and it turned out differently and other locations I thought would be a home run and they weren't.  Overall, the shoot produced some great images and I had the chance to work with some new people I hope to work with again.  Not a bad outcome.

We got started a little late, buy hey, that happens more than it doesn't.  Once Lux arrived, Alex (MUA) & Kate (Hair) got to work.  It helped that I had pre-scouted the location and knew where we'd meet, setup, and shoot for various locations around the Highline.  We focused on the area between 14th and 18th Street (just in case you were curious).  This was a time saver, for sure.  We started with a "clean face" look and gradually added onto that.  Here are a few I thought turned out well. 


Next set-up was in a covered area that had some old train tracks that were flush with the ground.  I also picked these areas as a backup in case of rain since they were completely covered.  


The images in this next collage were almost in the same place as the train tracks.  I noticed a grid pattern on a fence that separated the lower level we were on with the upper level where there were some shops.  I placed the light to the left and got some pretty cool patterns from that grid.  I added some color in post.


Set-up #3; A ramp and some handrails.  Lux made this work I'd say.


Running out of time, I had big plans for this location but there were so many people and it was getting late, I opted for something a little simpler than my original plan.  Still fun and interesting.  Great shoot and some nice new images for the portfolio. 


Model: Lux
Make-up Artist (MUA): Alex Gilleo
Hair: Kate Duckworth