Work isn't supposed to be like this…

Just the word "work" should conjure up certain things for you.  Everyone's job is different but for me, especially recently, I would think of words like "politics", "power struggle", "resistance", "complicated", "restrictions", etc.  That's not to say that it was all bad.  It wasn't.  It's more that if someone asked me what I thought of where I worked last, I would use these words first to describe it.  I just started a new job and for me, its a whole new way of thinking of "work".

Now, to be fair, this new gig does very nicely line up my personal interests (photography) with my professional skills (Agile Project Management) so that's a great step toward happiness.  My previous employment was in NJ (driving) and now I'm back in NYC on the train and for me that's a plus.  It allows me to get things done (like writing this blog) that I would have otherwise lagged for quite some time to finish. 

When I interviewed for this new job, I could tell that the culture was somewhat similar to where I was a couple years ago except for one major thing.  Big vs. small company.  All my previous employers have been for pretty large organizations.  I know that I'm still in the honeymoon period so I hope I don't eat my words later but so far, I'm lovin' it.  Things are just easier.  I'm thinking it may be difficult to work for a large company again. Time will tell. The other welcome change for me is being able to work on a Mac all-day-long!  This is huge for me. 

To summarize:
- Fun work focused on Photography and Video
- Work in cool setting in NYC
- Work on a Mac all-day-long
- Train time to get things done

I'm hoping to try out the well known phrase, "if you do what you love, its not work".