Vegas Baby

Okay, so this is a little out of order.  We made a trip to Vegas back at the beginning of February for a rather important birthday of mine.  It had been very cold and snowy lately in the North East and the whole family was very anxious to leave that all behind for a nice visit out to Vegas for some R&R and optional coats.

We arrived on a Thursday night and had a couple days to do some family time during the day and since we had both grandma's in town, they were gracious enough to watch Emersyn while several of us made it out at night.  Thanks Mom(s)!

Some pictures, of course.

One tangent.  So, we decided we didn't want to spend much on a hotel because we'd rather put that money into gambling.  We wanted to stay on the strip however, so we ended up at the Excalibur.  Wrong decision.  As soon as we walked in with our suitcase, someone approached us and tried to sell us stuff.  Go listen to our pitch on our timeshare.  How about a show?  Huh?  How about leave me alone!  How cheesy is this?  So if this wasn't bad enough, as soon as we checked in, someone tried to do it again between the check-in counter to the elevator.  They said this is the way they market their new properties, etc.  Wasn't working for me.