Cutest Girl(s) at the Party

A good friend of mine that I used to work with was organizing a family gathering at a country club for people from his church.  The goal of the night was to have fun, relax, and be entertained all in the spirit of good family time.  He offered me up as the "official photog" at this event...and I jumped at it.  I'm always up for shooting and even though one of the things I provided was the posed family shots, what I tend to really get into shooting are the candid images.  There was one little girl that I knew I would be taking lots of pictures of as soon as I saw her.  What a doll!  Most of the children were so engaging and well behaved.  So nice to see this at a big event like this. 

The venue was this great, old, country club/resort called Timber Point.  Its out in Long Island which isn't exactly around the corner from me plus, because I knew I was going to attempt to market and sell that same night, I needed help.  I picked up another friend in NYC on my way from NJ to Long Island.  Thanks Avi.  Couldn't have done it without you!  Needless to say, this turned out to be a long day.  I tend to follow and read about things in the photography industry and something I read recently that I can identify with is the sentiment that unless you love photography, its hard to get past some of the negatives.  Long hours, little and sometimes inconsistent pay, etc.  The thing that keeps me coming back is the interaction with people and always striving for better and better images.