Caroline and Grace Baptism

On a beautiful fall day in NJ, I was asked to capture a special moment for Lisa & John when their twin daughters were baptized.  This is a cherished event regardless of the circumstances however, these girls were delivered early so the fact that they’re here and healthy compounds the joy the family feels.

It was held at a small, local church that they’ve just started to attend.  The ceremony was in the late morning.  I arrived a little early to check out potential spots for family shots since I wasn’t sure what we’d see inside. There were a couple locations I liked but most of them were covered with mud since it had just rained the day before.  So – that’s out.  Hoping there would be something inside to work with.

Once Lisa & John’s family arrived, we all proceeded into the church to meet the priest that was about to conduct the ceremony. We got started and he noted, “I haven’t done one of these before”.  Hmm.  Uh, isn’t that either supposed to be a joke someone tells because they’re nervous or just generally something you don’t admit right before you start?  Just sayin’.

We headed outside (found a different spot) in front of the church for some family shots.  Everybody was into it except for Jack (the older brother).  He’s a super cute little boy but just wasn’t feeling the fact that he had to have some pictures taken.  No worries.  We got some other nice ones of him and his new baby sisters a couple months back.  One of Lisa and one of the girls (can't tell which one from this angle :-)