Handbag Advertising Shoot

This year I had a very specific goal to execute several advertising shoots during the course of 2017 to show the execution of a concept to delivery of images.  This is the second in this series.  The first was a jewelry shoot featuring some David Yurman pieces.  This one is all about the handbag!

Darrin Estep Photography | handbag advertising

I selected two bags that inspired me and worked with Brittany Rendon again to style the shoot based on the feel I wanted. The first shown here was a Michael Kors bag.  I love how the expression of love for this bag comes through on Erke's face.  Effrosyni also did a great job with hair and make-up changes throughout the day!

Darrin Estep Photography | handbag advertising

The great styling work from Brittany really shines through on the pieces above.  We also featured a variety of sunglasses to enhance the look on some of the images.  Erke effortlessly works a variety of poses to showcase the bag and the clothing to give a sense of fun I was imagining when first thinking about this shoot. 

Darrin Estep Photography | handbag advertising

I had to put this jumping image on its own.  Wow!  You should have seen the air this girl was catching and looking so effortless with bag in hand.  Special thanks to Olya for her attention to detail in cleaning up these images to look magazine ready.

Darrin Estep Photography | handbag advertising

The next bag was a Louis Vuitton that I thought had a very cool look to it. This one is called the Kimono just in case you'd like to get one.

Darrin Estep Photography | handbag advertising

So, Erke is a model but also an accomplished dancer.  I worked with her on a previous shoot when I first discovered her jumping skills and brought her back for this gig.  I leave you with a few more of her catching some air with Louis. Awesome shoot. Great team!

ModelErke Roosen
StylistBrittany Rendon
Hair + MUAEffrosyni Pimenidis
Assistant: Achim Harding
RetouchingOlya Bro 
PhotographerDarrin Estep

Jewelry Advertising Product Shoot

One of most important goals I have for my business each year is to continue to push myself creatively and do personal work that's inspiring and challenging.  Its also very important to me to work with a team of people you respect and trust.  This is the first in a series of shoots this year that will showcase my ability to build out an idea, find the right team to collaborate with, and execute on that vision.  In my opinion, when these elements come together it can take the final output to the next level.

For this shoot, I developed a concept inspired by a well known jewelry designer and collection I was drawn to.  I built a creative brief and explored what would be featured, how I would display the jewelry to convey a feeling and emotion.  I wanted it to feel effortless while being very intentional.

One of the most important roles in my creative team was the stylist.  Brittany was a referral from the make-up artist (MUA), Lyndsey.  Her role is critical to helping bringing a rough idea to life and tell the story.  Its also critical to have a MUA that can deliver on what's planned and a model that can interpret the direction given and add her own bit as well.  Everyone is an essential part of the team.

Darrin Estep Photography | Product

The storyline here follows three parts: 1) Preparing for a night out 2) The night out itself and 3) Reflection.  The first two images above represent the preparation.  Everyone gets ready with this much bling on, right?

Darrin Estep Photography | Product

The classic little black dress (LBD) helps feature a variety of the pieces we had for this shoot.  We simply turned it around for a different perspective.  Another aspect I explored in terms of the final output is color or black & white.  Which do you like better?

Darrin Estep Photography | Product

With the level of detail and scrutiny I've given to these images it gives me an appreciation for the final results.  There's a LOT of work that goes into the planning and executing of a shoot like this.  I really love it though.  All of it.

Darrin Estep Photography | Product

Finally the "reflection" image.  What I've gathered here are a small sample of the great images that came from this day.  As I mentioned above, I worked with a team of people that I want to thank and recognize for their contribution to this project.

Model: Stephanie Damiano
Stylist: Brittany Rendon
MUA: Lyndsey Ariel
Assistant: Tom Spota
Retouching: Olya Bro 
Photographer: Darrin Estep

Darrin Estep Photography | Product

Dark & Moody

One thing that remains the same is that the idea I start with isn't the one I end with.  I’ve come to expect that and I do my best to go with it when a curveball is thrown.  I planned this shoot several months ago with another model and then learned a few days before the shoot that the dates were confused by her and consequently she wasn’t able to make it.  I turn to sites like ModelMayhem when things like this occur.  I posted a modeling opportunity and very soon after that I met Steph.  She came across as very funny and approachable from the initial response and she turned out to be a great choice for this shoot.

The team was small. Steph is the model, Numi on make-up.  It deserves a shout out to Nicholas & Alejandro at Space 4 Shoots.  They have always been very helpful during the shoot.

I like to start with some beauty shots. I find that it helps establish a rapport with the model and hopefully allows for some nice shots of the face in the meantime.


Next up was a shot based on a concept I saw from a Dior ad.  I felt like going for something kind of dark and moody.  We started with the inspiration and moved away from that idea throughout this setup.


As we worked a bit more with this general lighting setup, I wanted to try some product shots with Steph so we used a perfume bottle she brought to the shoot and here are a few of my favorites.  Numi was very helpful as well with suggestions on holding the bottle. It's harder than you think to get something that conveys the right emotion without looking awkward.


Quick outfit change and a new lighting and background setup and I found myself to still be in a product mode so we had her show off a red purse and a black necklace.


For the last set, we dragged in a chair from the waiting room where there was a casting going on for a dance performance (random tidbit).  I thought this layout arrangement below was fun with the legs closed and open.  Lots of fun working with this team.  I hope we can all work together again soon.



I don't normally post pictures of myself in the blog entries however, I thought this one was kind of funny because I look so serious however, this was taken during a lighting test by someone in the studio and he just happened to catch me at a time when I was probably focused on thinking through the next setup.

Until next time...