Athletic Shoot with Erke

I've worked with Erke multiple times and when you see the results, you understand why.


We did this shoot in Dumbo which is a very popular place to shoot since it provides this kind of scenic background.  This happened to be a very cold day but Erke was unfazed by the temperatures.


Until next time - and I'm confident there will be one...

Dance Photos in NYC

As usual, there's a backstory to every shoot.  Months ago I wanted to setup a shoot with dancers to do something creative.  Just a personal project.  I spent the time thinking through all the logistics and concepts, did lots of planning, set a date and - it rained.  Ugh.  

Fast forward a couple months and I thought I wanted to pick up where I left off but it was very last minute and none of the original team was available.  Fine!  I still want to do it so I'm going to post something online to see what I can put together.  Lucky for me, Erke answered my casting call and Alexa was available to help with make-up - and boom.

Darrin Estep Photography | Dance

I started with headshots.  We only took a few because we were limited on time and I really wanted to see this girl jump.  I was NOT disappointed.  I picked this location from suggestion from another photographer and it was perfect.  It has all the elements I wanted: interesting but not too busy, very NYC but not something you see all the time and open shade which is so much easier to work with.

Darrin Estep Photography | Dance

Dance Shoot Crew:

Model: Erke
MUA: Alexa
Assistant: Tom Spota

Britney + Matt

Rounding out my edits from weddings shot last year.  One thing that resinates with me when I shoot weddings is the interaction and respect within the family.  It makes me think of the saying that goes, "you don't just marry the individual, you marry the family".  I feel like the values and behaviors of the family come through in the individual.  This family was no exception.    

The day started out a little rough for me since I tore a nice little whole in my rear bumper while backing into the driveway of the grooms parents house.  Breathe.  Focus.  Put on the happy face and let's get some nice pictures.  No damage was done to their place but the back of the car didn't look so good.  I tried to quickly put the incident behind me and focus on the task at hand.  Fortunately, I was greeted by a bunch of really nice guys.   


We moved outside for some shots around the house with the family.  They actually suggested this jumping shot (I did a few of these last summer) and this one turned out pretty well.  


My favorite is the guy on the left.  Too funny.  Okay, onto more serious things.  I met up with David (photographer I was shooting with at this wedding) and got a chance to shoot a few with the soon-to-be husband and wife.


Fast forward about an hour and now its official.  I'm also happy that I didn't fall off the little chair I was standing on to get this shot :-)


Finally, I wanted to feature a bit of the food.  When I say they had a spread, I really mean it.  I have probably 20 images of different selections of food.  Meat, veggies, cutting stations, ice sculptures, olives, shrimp, pizza, bread, pasta, and on and on.  It was amazing.  Here are four I liked.  Hope you're not hungry.