e-Commerce Clothing Shoot

Tamasha-Knit, a Persian based company, asked me to shoot their holiday line.  The company is a family run business and was founded by two sisters.  Priya was my contact for this shoot and she was fantastic to work with.  We spent a lot of time up front talking about the look she wanted and how we would achieve it.


One of the first aspects of the shoot was to choose a model.  I gave them a couple choices based on people I had worked with in the past.  As luck would have it, I had only worked with Cassandra one other time but she proved to be as great selling clothing as she did kicking sand around during some beach volleyball.  The client loved her as well!


I think it really comes across in the images that these colors and fabrics and really nice to wear and look at. Cassandra incorporated some fun movement into each of the items and I just tried to catch it.  


As we got further into the shoot, we had a pretty quick rhythm that we established to make the most of each piece, get something from the front, side and back and move onto the next piece.


In addition to the heavier material, there were also some light-weight scarfs that had some amazing colors to them.


As a part of their holiday line, they are also making travel blankets and the accessories that go with those sets like a pillow and mask.  Overall, such a fun shoot and always great to work with new clients.  I look forward to the next line we can capture together.

Capezio Activewear Shoot

Stephanie, whom I've worked with multiple times in the past, recently was selected for an opportunity to model some new Capezio clothing.  She asked me to help capture some images to market these clothes to the active, fit females everywhere!


We had access to a gym that she works out in called Fairlambfit in Northern NJ.  We pretty much had the whole gym to ourselves which allowed us to explore without having to ask people to step out of the way :-) 


Steph had a few pieces of clothing to feature so we moved around a bit to keep in the sports/active mode while featuring the clothing, and her, in action.  She got a little workout in the meantime.


Keeping it real.  Steph has been a dancer for many years which allows her to move and stretch like one.   


For this last one, we got a little help with the edit. Thanks to Olya Bro for some photoshop work on this one to clean up the surroundings.  Great kick!

Catalog Shoot

Once in a while I come across something new and different.  This was one of those times.  I was commissioned to shoot approximately 150 pieces of clothing for the upcoming summer season (dreaming of summer right about now in January) by using 4 models which gave us a few minutes per outfit based on the time we had to shoot.  Yikes!


What you see above is about 1/3 of the line we shot that day.  Its a little hard to make out but you'll notice there's a small object in the lower left of all the photos.  This is an iPad with a product number on it so when Dave (the manufacturer) needs to take orders from his clients, they know what product they're talking about.  We had so many pieces of clothing to photograph that the MUA (Jennifer) ended up modeling for us as well.  Great shoot!

MUA: Jennifer Haines
Models: Melanie, Alina, Kiki, Sarah
Clothing Manufacturer: Satguru Enterprises
Photographer: me :-)

Clothing Promotion: Strong Minds & Body

Round two shooting for a person I've only met through some email exchanges.  Its a little unusual with photography for things to happen this way but the reason this works is that the client isn't the subject of my images.  The lovely Kait is.  I first met Kait on a tattoo shoot (surprise there) and we've connected a couple more times to shoot - one of which was this one to grab some photos of some casual clothing options for a brand called Strong Minds Apparel.

Here are some images from our recent shoot.

Always awesome working together.  I'll have more images from Kait coming up soon...