Pleasing My Senses

Earlier this week I was thinking that it might be fun to try and identify things I like by running through the 5 senses.  I thought it would be helpful to run through each sense and give some explanation of how I think of it and why its important to me.  I think we all look to connect with others and this may be a way I connect with you - or maybe not, which is fine too.  Either way, I'm putting it out there for you to enjoy - or NOT :-)  Here we go...


As a photographer I'd say sight is pretty important.  The visual appeal of something is what connects me to it. Emotionally.  This can be true whether its a person or a setting or an object.  With a lot of things, the devil's in the details and I tend to pay attention to them.  From a photographic point of view, I like to consider both the technical and emotional impact of a scene.

When I think of things that are pleasing visually, things like these come to mind:

  • a child's smile
  • clean lines; simple design
  • happy eyes
  • beautiful light
  • ginuine emotion

Things from my life that are burned into my memory are the day I got my first car, my first trip to NYC, the moment I saw my wife as she walked down the isle and the day my daughter was born.  These are just a few of the events in my life that will always be with me regardless of how much time passes.

This is one of the primary reasons why I love photograhy so much.  The opportunity to capture those most important moments in people's lives is quite an honor.

Stay tuned for the next sense...