A new [p]interest

Okay, a little corney on my title.  More to the point, something I enjoy is finding new, exciting, and photographically - is that a word? - relavant things on the web.  I've been hearing lots of great buzz about this site called Pinterest.  I created an account and so far, so good.

What I like about it is that its a different way to discover images.  I like the concept of being able to create boards which you could think of like a folder or a category.  Within that board, you can post images that you want to group together.  I'm using it for two things so far.  The first is to use it to put some ideas for my next shoot.  The second is to start to work on a new idea I have that I'd like to call "Pleasing my senses".  More to come on that. In the meantime... 

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