MediaMath's 5th Birthday

Its interesting how things go in waves sometimes.  Recently, I've come across a few events to shoot.  Like a lot of new business, one can spawn another which gets the next thing and so on.  

This event was for MediaMath's 5th Birthday which was held at the Yotel in Manhattan.  MediaMath is a company in the advertising business that helps other companies maximize their online advertising spend.  They were turning 5 and I was there.


The CEO is Joe Zawadzki and the marketing group created a bunch of fun props, including ones with his head on a stick.  People had lots of fun with them throughout the night.


We had a twitter stream going during the event and a few times during the evening, I would copy the images I had taken so far to show them live at the event.


Fun event.  I hope to work with this group very soon.