Shooting with Matt

As I was putting this site together it became apparent that I only had females in my portfolio and no men.  So, I reached out using ModelMayhem and found Matt as a potential subject.  We exchanged a couple emails and settled on a date.  Matt is an aspiring actor and does modeling on the side.  He has plans to move to L.A. so I'm happy we were able to shoot when we did.

Not having a studio meant that we were going to shoot outside.  Not a problem as long as you're dressed properly.  It was about 35 degrees and had lots of snow on the ground.  I had a couple concepts in mind but decided to do some scouting with a neighbor ahead of time to make sure I could envision the result.  Its a good thing we did that because I scrapped several of my original ideas for what you see below.

Matt was a great sport and a big thanks to my neighbor, Geoff for navigating and helping with whatever came up on the shoot.  I've posted a few of my favorites. 

We mixed it up a little with poses but I like how this one came out with the sun setting in the background.

This one felt very GQ or Abercrombie to me.

Believe it or not, we shot this outside with Geoff holding a black fabric behind Matt for a studio feel with speedlights going through an umbrella for some nice, soft light.

Here are a couple more that aren't posted in the Portrait section of the site.



Looking forward to the next session!

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