Michele & James

A few weeks back, I was asked by a co-worker, Michele, to photograph her and her son for the main purpose of getting some images to use for holiday cards.  Actually, she's not really a co-worker, she's more of a friend that I met on my first day at a new company.  A couple weeks later I found out that she is friendly with an ex office-mate I had when I started at my previous company just over 10 years ago.  Small world.

Anyway, so last weekend, I made the journey up to where I now work because Michele lives about two minutes from the office in a great spot that has a lot of great light streaming through the windows and a nice backyard space as well.  I arrived around 10:00 and I was greated by Michele and her son, James.  He held his coloring book up to hide his face to block the direct face to face; for now.  He was a little shy, but not for long.  I showed him pictures of my daughter on my phone and before long he seemed open to having me around for a bit.

We started with the two of them coloring and quickly moved over to where he had a train set and some other toys.  We all headed outside briefly (since it was about 40 degrees) to kick the ball around then back in for a cookie reward for James.  That kept him going for a bit longer and getting a few more images with the two of them together.  It was a really nice shoot for everyone.  A few of my favorites are below.